Monday, 28 September 2009

Narrative: Another James Bond idea

So I finished Friday with a few tentative scenarios and jokes, nothing that had people falling off their chairs in laughter I’m sure but…something. I still need to watch Braveheart because I’ve never really watched it properly and I still need to think of some stuff for Rocky, Die Hard and Lord of the Rings. I took away with me for a weekend of chin stroking pondering the Wikipedia lists of all the cars, gadgets and villains in James Bond films.

Looking at the list of gadgets it struck me that James Bond has had a lot of bloody gadgets. It got me thinking as to where all these perfectly usable gadgets end up after he’s finished with them, if you ask me it would be darn shame to let them go to waster. A lot of the gadgets are one-off and made for very (sometimes very very) specific situations but there are a lot that could be perfectly usable and useful after his mission is over. For example his laser watch could be used to cut the cheese for a sandwich after he comes home.

We have a group meeting today so I’ll pitch some of my ideas to Raj and Matt and it’ll be interesting to see what they’ve come up with.