Monday, 28 September 2009

Character Design: More thoughts

Recently I’ve been thinking about who my characters are, for tomorrows class I need a mood board in order for me to not to be a nob and get underway smoothly with what I’m supposed be doing. Which means I need to work out what style I want my characters to be, or a least have an basic idea. I’ve been looking at loads of stuff from loads of different era’s, cultures and genres and it’s early days but I’m, starting to get an idea of the ‘look’ in my head for my characters.

Basically what I’m thinking is the classiness of The Great Gatsby, the spoilt young adults of Bret Easton Ellis novels, with a tinge of the gritty future of Blade Runner mixed together with the mystery of a ‘Masquerade Ball’ ala Eyes Wide Shut. Some stuff that in theory doesn’t make much sense at first glance when put together I know, but it sort of makes sense to me.

The artist who I think could be a big influence is Tamara de Lempicka because of her paintings of the fashionable upper class remind me of myself :P not really. Actually it's the fashion and swagger of these people that I think she captures so well and it's something I want to take influence from.


tutorphil said...

I find the breadth and depth of your aesthetic parametres very satisfying - not bad for a 19 year old.