Monday, 28 September 2009

Character Design: Mechanical Mood Board 1

I should make it clear that I still want the literal and physical meaning of 'mechanical' to feature in my characters. Earlier I said that I wanted to throw loads of classic mechanical characters in a bin filled with used condoms, I was probably slightly hasty in declaring such intentions because there's a still a lot of useful stuff that can be taken from these 'classics'. The Terminator is a great example in design of a the internal workings of a man-machine. The internal workings of Bishop and Ash from the Alien franchise have an interesting take of internal Android workings. While John Carpenters 'They Live' is interesting because it's Androids mixed with everyday people wearing everyday normal modern clothes. There's also real life prosthetisc and mechanics such as the athlete Oscar Pistorius who has two replacement legs and wheelchairs are also mechanical machines.