Friday, 11 September 2009

C'etait un Rendez Vous - Claude Lelouch (1976)

As i've just found out at some point in time someone decided to use (HACKED) my Lovefilm account to give a bunch of DVDs one star ratings which included 'Lick Library - Learn To Play Your Own Rock Guitar Solos' and 'Top Gear - Back In The Fast Lane - The Best Of Top Gear' Which when I think about it is slightly odd because I HATE generic Rock Solo's and I especially FUCKING HATE Top Gear with that Clarkson twat and his two lap dogs the hairy mentally challenged one and the hairy rat faced one who I'm supposed to love because he almost died. Anyway one of the films that got rated is this one (They gave it three stars) it's a ten minute single take film of a guy in a Mercedes averaging 100mph through the streets of Paris without stopping (he slows a couple times). It's one of the craziest damn things Ive ever seen but it's pretty awesome. Quite a bizarre way for me to discover it's existence though, what business do people have using my account to give bad reviews to DVDs?