Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Thank goodness for bootleggers and the Internet. So far, film of 2009, which doesn't really mean much as Ive only seen two other new releases this year but even film of 2009!

It has a great feel to it. really haunting and subdued, kind of relaxing, which is probably down to the natural look that it has and the slow pacing, a trademark of Lars Von Trier. The cinematography and art-direction is seriously incredible throughout, just an an amazing looking film...running out of expletives rapidly, I always struggle to describe things I like poetically. It has an undercurrent of evil and darkness throughout but it's not really a Horror film. It has supernatural elements and imagery to it for sure, a lot of the creepier stuff involves animals, there's a particular scene with a Fox that really lingers in the mind. I don't think it deserves to be lumped into any single genre.

Most of the press (and negative press at that) this film received was about the explicit violence and sexual content and YES it's very explicit, maybe more so than the nasty stuff in Salo, read the wikipedia page. Sure it's graphic and not particularly enjoyable to watch but it not without artistic merit, its not some shitty Video Nasty or porn that's for sure, it only lasts for a few seconds anyway. Films like this that challenge the viewer on so many fronts are too few and far between these days, it's definitely a throwback to the days when filmmakers weren't afraid of saying 'fuck you' to the mainstream world and mainstream taste. Lars Von Trier needs to praised for making something so uncompromising and raw this day and age.

P.S. oddly the film is dedicated to Andrei Tarkovsky, I'm not sure why,,,,


tutorphil said...

I still haven't seen it - but I just know it's going to press my buttons; who knows, it might find it's way into the first year programme when it comes to the 'digital environment' unit - between that and Blue Velvet, I might just goad the Daily Mail into asking for my head on a platter!