Saturday, 22 August 2009

The Tin Drum

Here's an interesting one, it doesn't fit in with the other films but I wanted to watch it anyway. It's German film based on a novel by Gunter Grass about a three year old boy living in Danzig between lets say 1930 and 1945 who decides that he never wants to grow old. He beats a Tin Drum constantly and has the ability to shatter glass by screaming. What's interesting (to me anyway) is the setting, time periods the film is set in and the events that are covered. It covers early Nazi popularity, Kristallnacht, the invasion of Poland, Nazi supremacy you could say and finally the Soviets invading Germany. It has a quirky fairy-tale style premise but because of the subject matter it deals with it ends up being quite dark and disturbing, mostly because there's a lot of death. According to that Wikipedia thing some fundamentalist freaks in America declared it child pornography and it was banned in places because of a peculiar encounter involving the main character and a girl in a beach hut.

Anyway, it's very good.