Tuesday, 25 August 2009


This trailer doesn't really represent what this film is about, sure Mike Leigh does make low-key British comedies like the trailer makes the film look like but Naked is certainly not one of them. It's bleak, bleak, bleak, bleak, not bleak in an end of humanity sense (though the main character Johnny does think the apocalypse in inevitable) but more a alienated, unloved, depressing, German philosopher style bleak. There aren't any characters who you can be really sympathetic towards, pretty much everyone has some serious issues and anyone who is remotely 'normal' struck me as being a bit of a tool. It's enjoyable and fascinating for these reasons (and the amazing cinematography) though it's hard going, there isn't anything Hollywood about it. I'd say it's in the same mould of the film Happiness which is like the least happy film ever.