Monday, 31 August 2009

Flesh For Frankenstein

This is bad but a lot of fun, it had me laughing numerous times throughout. The story is about a rogue Baron who creates two 'perfect' humans so he can breed a master race. His wife who also happens to be his sister has a relationship with one of the castle farm hands. After a drunken night in a brothel his best friend is then decapitated by the Baron who uses the head for part of his 'Zombie' as he calls it. Basically there's a lot of gore, fountains blood and lots of nudity, exactly what I like and what I want from a bad film.

It's pretty much carried by the ham-fisted performance of Udo Kier who plays the Baron. It also featues one of the best lines ever and also a bit of poignant advice.'To know death, Otto, you have to fuck life... in the gall bladder!' This is of course after the Baron has literally performed such an act.


tutorphil said...

a motto for life... ish

I obviously can't read a calendar... your first day is Mon 21st, and the essay assignment begins on wednesday, 23rd - not 26th as first suggested... apologies (don't kill me)

Tom Beg said...

Thanks for the confirmation, one week too much though. I guess you UCA lecturers have to fit in that extra weeks holiday to Tuscany somehow.

I saw Inglourious Basterds today. I'm disappointed, could of been so great *sob*. I'll write something about it later...