Monday, 10 August 2009

The Crazies

This is entertaining in that really shoddy low-budget horror kind of way it's also kind of meaningful in the typical George Romero kind of way. I like the scene with the kids at the start, it's like the type of thing you never wanted to see when you snuck downstairs at night after you heard a funny noise.

The problem with modern horror films is that they are just so damn slick these days, other than y'know being not very good, there is one particular thing that bugs me the most. It's way that they all have these crappy puke-green and pale blue filters in an attempt to make it everything more gritty and ugly, also the the quick-cuts and shaky headache-cam really bug me. Other than giving me a seizure, I get the feeling it's used because the filmmakers think that the people who are watching have the attention span of around a second. One the worst culprits of modern horror-itis I've come was Charlie Brooker's Dead Set which in my opinion was a total abomination.

Though I have no doubt one day there will be resurgence ( a.k.a fad and marketing tool ) of the more pure look that old horrors have...