Saturday, 29 August 2009


This flm is what people call blaxploitation (black exploitation duh). It stars Pam Grier as a vigilante Nurse hell bent on taking down the city druglords mostly through use of a shotgun and aided by her sexy looks. Basically it's a sex and violence romp that does not disapoint in terms of both those two things, sometimes combining them such as a fight scene which involves several protistutes having a catfight with eachother while onlookers (mostly criminals- pimps, mafia men and dealers etc) watch as their clothes get all torn up. Thats one thing about all these classic exploitation films, they all seem to feature pretty women fighting eachother while rolling about on the floor. Anyway. it's one hundred percent pure entertainment, it isn't as poorly made as you might think as well, generally the production quality is high throughout. Great funk soundtrack as well.