Thursday, 16 July 2009

some nice looking games

Ive only just started delving into the world Indie gaming and these are a some that have caught my eye. I'm slightly wary of the recent Indie game boom that been occuring recently, especially when titles become darlings of the 'Gaming Press' mostly because I get the feeling that Indie is definently the new 'old-school' or ' modern retro' when it comes to people looking for new experiences to latch onto when they're bored with their Halo's, Tomb Raider's, Resident Evil's (not exactly hard i'll admit) and in the end the games rarely provide the particularly fulfilling experience that a good Valve or Nintendo product can offer. Indie games are doing some nice things with visual styles (even if the 2D side-scrolling thing is getting a bit samey) and the clever way that some of the games go about presenting fairly meaningful story's is really nice to see. Luc Bernard is an ass however...


tutorphil said...

Hi Tom - thanks for these; as you know, I'm not a gamer (though many moons ago I lost too many good hours to 'Battle Arena Toshinden' on my housemates Playstation...), but I really responded to the aesthetic of some of these games - especially Limbo - which I absolutely loved the look of; also, the Twisted Shadow World too - plus the whimsey of the giant tomato game... reminded me of 2 things

(which I love)

and also the stuff from monkeehub