Monday, 20 July 2009


RIZ-ZOAWD is an anagram for Wizard Oz and quite surprisingly it happens to be a peculiar game based on the Wizard Of Oz. I'm not a 'Oz' fan to be honest, it was just one of those things that never particularly resonated with me in my younger days. I much prefer the gritty American Prison drama 'Oz'. What I like about RIZ-ZOAWD is the re-imaginings of the characters, which could be dangerous territory when it comes to turning things from one culture into a style from another, luckily I think the artists have done a great job, although Dorothy is a bit weak... - click the bit that says Character to see the whole cast.


tutorphil said...

Morning Tom - thanks for this link; I'm always interested in these re-imaginings of classics; a symptom of postmodern culture, don't you know! (But much more of that come September...)