Sunday, 7 June 2009


All from Hong Kong Director Wong Kar-wai. If your gonna watch one of his films then start with Chungking Express, if you like that then you'll like all his films, other than My Blueberry Nights which is utter tripe, hence it's exclusion (Ashes of time and Fallen Angels i've yet to see.) He's a bit of a darling at Cannes, In the Mood for Love came very close to winning the Palme d'Or while the ever excellent Tony Leung won best Actor for the film that year. Perhaps the thing I like most of all about his films however is the gorgeous cinematography of Christopher Doyle, he's just a master of being able to capture the mood of the situation, a real inspiration for sure. Obviously there's a lot that can be said. I will say that his films tend to be very flawed, slow, boring at times, disjointed and his characters inaccessible but in that good sort of way that can really make a film resonate and linger in your head and it usuallly tends to be the whole point of the film. So watch the films and judge for yourself, if your only idea of Asian Cinema is Kurosawa-style epics, John Woo bullet porn, Battle Royale and Takashi Miike head-f**kery then your in for a treat. :)