Thursday, 4 June 2009

Sin and Punishment 2 stuff

Yasushi Suzuki I believe (website, nice stuff on here) I do miss the original Sin and Punishment's intense colour scheme compared to the sequel's much more muted pallette.


tutorphil said...

Hi Tom - Look, I've got a creative proposal for you; on June 17th, the University has its private view - all the third year work from all the degrees; CG ARTs will be showing in Lecture Theatre One - BUT, as part of the hospitality aspect, Pete Wallace, a friend of the course and specialist in projections, is creating an installation in the refectory area - turning one wall into a projection area, with specially prepared animations to interact with the site; Liam Scarlino - a second year cg arts student - is producing some imagery to be included within the projections; the emphasis is on the abstract and the retro, on the eclectic etc. Anyway, in his recent email, Pete suggested he was still interested in combining work created by other students - and I thought of you; it's not necessarily a 3d-animation thing - though it might be - but other kinds of time-based image making (I'm thinking of the opening credits you produced for the virtual anatomy project - even those delightful b/w linear scratchy tests - sooo norman mcclaren and fantastic - anyway - I'm going to forward to your email his recent correspondence, and I'm going to send Pete Wallace a link to your blog, and I'm going to tell him that I've broached the idea with you; how about it? Feeling like your first commission? :-) Don't be meek, don't be hesitant - just get out there! Okay - so watch for the email; I'm sending it now; I'm also going to approach Zack to see if he might be interested in contributing something too! Check out Pete's company website for more info.... hope this floats your boat!

Tom Beg said...

sent an email to you.

Liam Scarlino said...

Hey there, I'm Liam, just got off the phone with Phil and he said to get hold of you about the animation for the projection?
If your free have you got a mobile I could call for a chat?
Mines 07984552603, give me a text if you want to get hold of me. Cheers!

Tom Beg said...

I told Pete Wallace that I would phone him tomorrow sometime after 4:00. So i'll be in contact if something good comes about.

Also don't put your phone number on the internet :-P

tutorphil said...

Being something of a fanboy for giant creature features as a nipper, this has appeared on my radar; it was featured in Empire magazine this month, and there's a buzz on the internet; however, that said - it looks like total dross, but it may yet prove a guilty pleasure... your thoughts please, Mr Beg?

Tom Beg said...

Werner Herzog would be proud (not)

It looks like it has the the script and cinematic flair of an 80's German Pornographic film.

However, it looks horrible, but I like the part in the trailer where the CG Shark bites the the Golden Gate Bridge, something quite spectacular about that.

You're right though, it seems to capture the original Monster movie genre crapness that makes those films enjoyable.

Z Moat said...

Hey Tom, just got the email from Phil regarding the canteen installation. Was wondering if you wanted to discuss ideas and shiz about the projection.

My email is, or just message me on blogger.

Je mata ne ;)