Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Russian Space Shuttle

This is pretty cool. An abandoned Russian Space Shuttle apparently. Wish the photographer had taken some better shots though.


Just finished Roadside Picnic the other day which was a pretty enjoyable novel. I was and am still hoping to muster up enough energy to do some drawings for it but what with the gloomy weather and 20/20 Cricket World Cup occupying my time I just can't seem to put any pencil to paper, I might give it go tonight just have to force myself really. So maybe there will be something up tonight or tomorrow. The thing about Roadside Picnic is that in terms of being visualized it has already been done, the film Stalker is based off it (The Strugatsky Brothers wrote the screenplay) so anything I draw will probably be derivative of that since the film is so deeply ingrained into my brain.