Saturday, 20 June 2009

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So I decided to take off my angry jaded art-critic goggles and look at the work on as potential designs for environments and characters etc which is what I should of done in the first place, rather than look at them as something I'd want to hang on my wall, this way the images on the site finally make sense to me even if I still don't like them that much. Since environments and characters could be used for anything, Ive looked at these strictly from a game design point of view, since as you may or may not notice my preference in games tends to skew towards towards weird, niche, stylized products. Unfortunately the paintings part of the site is down for me right now, so I'll just stick to what I can access, here's a few anyway.


tutorphil said...

Hi Tom - yeah - exactly; there's very little 'art' out there I'd hang on my wall - particularly when it gets genre-specified; most of the artists on that site are creature/environment designers at heart; for instance, HR Giger doesn't produce art in an interesting 'art' sense, but he does channel an aesthetic that is effortlessly filmic and gamey... when it comes to artists that I rate personally, I like the very 'painty' sort - so Jenny Saville,

Lucien Freud

(check out his images of Leigh Bowery - and then check of Bowery himself - some amazing 'characters' and body deformations... sort of John Wayne Gacey meets Divine via Hellraiser...)

- but I also love Rothko (very spatial, rich and sensual);

I'm not a huge fan of most conceptual art - I like aesthetics, colour - I like people who can paint - or, at least, who love paint, rich, textural, creamy, layered paint... in that sense, i think I'm probably an old conservative - or a sensualist; give me colour! Oh yes - Francis Bacon too - less because I'd have a screaming pope on my wall, but rather because he clearly had a visceral/scatalogical relationship with paint and pigment, and I enjoy the violence and neurosis in his work; another tortured soul!

Having said that, I like Klimt too, and while it's hard to get past all the reproductions of his work, I love the bejewelled quality of his colours and the sheer theatricality of it all - I'm guessing that Baz Luhrmann is probably a fan too! :-)

Anyway - until next time!

tutorphil said...

actually - looking again at some of the paintings you selected, they all seem to owe a huge debt to Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights

and his Temptation of Saint Anthony...