Tuesday, 30 June 2009

New Software!

It's been around for years but Corel Painter is really cool. It's actual painting software, meaning it replicates various types of brushes, pens, pencils etc allowing you to get different textures and effects that can't be so easily achieved in Photoshop. Photoshop isn't really a painting program, its more an image editing program. Of course once you've done all your crap in Painter you could then import into Photoshop and do all the touching-up that way. It's a whole new software package to learn and I'm still feeling my way around the interface etc quite a bit but its fairly intuitive and fun. Here's an example of the various textures and stuff available.

Nathans CS3 Master Collection had a lovely Trojan Virus attached to it (keep it classy) so I looked around for some Freeware software alternatives to Photoshop and found GIMP which seems to be essentially the same thing as Photoshop albeit lacking some features and not as profesional but it's free so who cares... no one that's who.