Sunday, 21 June 2009

freak out

This is what happened to me when my brand new PC (as in got it today) didn't work when I turned it on.

Now I'm walking around the house in my underwear, back to square one with no spanking new PC just an expensive slab of plastic, metal and PCB, wishing that I'd never bothered with this new PC bollocks. Makes me want to work on paper all the more, Computers - who can really be bothered to deal with this crap all their working life??? I think from now on I'm just gonna draw, plant some flowers, learn to play an instrument and chase (preferably French) pretty women. It's better than having to deal with Computers.

:( :( :(

actually this one is more relevent


tutorphil said...

Oh dear, Tom - sorry to hear you're having a shitty day... you know, I've been working on Macs for years now and I've never, ever had any issue with them; always stable, always reliable - always pretty! :-) Don't give up hope; make the call, be a good consumer (you have rights) and get them to give you a new one for less - be persuasive, be articulate, be persistent... and for me, if I want to be becalmed by classical music, it's not Beethoven, try A Fantasia on Thomas Tallis by Vaughn Williams - an amazing composition - and again, no computer required!