Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Rather than doing seperate posts I'll just post some of the various bits and bobs that Ive been collecting from the internet these last couple days, like some sort of virtual scrap book.

Some promo shots of Chungking Express I think, it's not quite this luscious in the film from what I remember but I could be wrong, it is a gorgeous film however.

Quentin Tarantion talking about the film

Chris Doyle talking cinematography

STALKER: Clear Sky sketches: I was looking for some concept art from the STALKER series and stumbled upon these excellent sketches of their depiction of the Zone, I found the final concept art to be really quite uninteresting however.

The name of the guy who did these pieces is Waldemar von Kozak . Amongst the boobs and other lame pervy stuff in his gallery are some quite playful and humorous images as well as some darker more atmospheric things http://waldemar-kazak.deviantart.com/gallery/. I like the robot tower one especially.


tutorphil said...

I know it betrays an awful bias on my part and I probably shouldn't admit it, but this image struck a chord - it comes from looking at lots of portfolios from prospective students filled with derivative, straitjacketed aesthetics nicked from every Japanese cartoon they've ever seen... :-)