Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Here are the images from beinart.org that I disliked the least. I will admit that contemporary surrealism etc does absolutely nothing for me and it was challenge just to find these ones, even then i'm so-so to a lot of the ones below. I mean, it's all just so bloody obnoxious and offensive, mostly lacking the subtlety, class, meaning and talent of the original artists that they attempt to emulate. I just can't help but hate it and it's completely unaided by the pompous biographies that accompany each 'artists' page. Sorry.


tutorphil said...

Hi Tom - phew, you're a tough son-of-bitch purist...:-) no, I agree about the 'not-surrealism' aspect (I'd suggest the majority of the stuff on the site is concept art/creature design useful only - and nothing to do with surrealism as defined in terms of the avant-garde etc; in other words, it's decorative as opposed to politicised/progressive). However, in terms of 'scenes' from imaginary places and spaces, I think it has much to offer - or not! :-) I was interested really in the anatomical/biological aspect in relation to your own drawing; oh yeah, and artists should NEVER talk about their work, don't you agree? Any piece of work requiring reams of text and masturbatory vocab is probably not as great as it thinks it is! That's why I always steer clear of the Deviant art website - not because I think that everything on there is crap, but rather because it's so pleased with itself!