Thursday, 18 June 2009


I can only imagine to look on the innocent people going to see this expecting a modern horror romp. More so because the BBFC have given the Uncut version an 18 rating meaning it will get a wide release I assume (And yet Manhunt 2 remains censored and butchered?) I don't particularly intend on making the effort to see it but Lars von Trier does make some nice looking films, it doesn't look like some extreme 80's Italian grindhouse film or Video nasty that's for sure. And even though it was booed and jeered at Cannes perhaps it will be a great film in the way that Salo is a great film despite the violence?, the people at Cannes have booed and jeered great films in the past but then again I didn't exactly like Breaking the Waves.


tutorphil said...

Lars Von Trier is certainly one of the most interesting film-makers working at the moment, and I am very enticed at the prospect of a horror film from him; I've heard the last 20 minutes are near unwatchable; I plan to show his Dancer in the Dark as part of the postmodernity film series next year, so if the thought of a Dogme self-reflexive musical starring Bjork is your personal idea of hell... tough! :-) This trailer is wonderfully clammy and enigmatic, with some Long Weekend-style brooding nature flavours - nice! I'm going to watch Eden Lake in the next couple of days - Transformers 2, however, can be postponed indefinitely - yawn.