Monday, 4 May 2009

Virtual Anatomy: This is annoying

So I'm doing the pre-viz sequence for the intro and I already have a lot of problems. Setting it all up fairly easy. From this video you can see that It zooms right into the middle of the lungs which makes no sense in the context of how the animation will start, it needs to zoom in more towards the throat, also despite the fact that it quite clearly fades away in the playblast/perspective view it has decided to not do so when I render it properly which is completely useless. I'm not sure what to blame, myself or Maya but the chances are I haven't ticked some minuscule text box somewhere which now means I have to re-render the whole sequence again (which takes a while) and put a texture on that I know will do the transparency thing. All this is much harder to do that it should be however thanks to this rubbish Maya running on this rubbish Windows Vista laptop which is rubbish. Obviously it's nothing major and can be easily rectified but it's just somewhat frustrating when it says it about to do something but actually doesn't. I am dreading the time when I have to render the actual thing out properly. Also the the distance between the camera and the image planes is too small because as you can see its already zoomed way too far when it reaches an image plane, meaning only a small fraction is visible, simple solution is to just move the images back a bit but not too far so that the camera reveals the area outside the image. All this for a pre-viz! No doubt this is easier to in Final Cut Pro, Premier Pro or After Effects but I'm not too knowledgeable with those pieces of software. Fortunately once it's right I can just use the same set-up and replace the pre-viz images with the final images.

I already have the presentation planned out and I need to digitize and shade in some storyboards for the presentation which doesn't take that long. So all that's ok but the design of the presentation might not be as good looking as it could possibly be we'll see. Ive been concentrating more on the concept/content rather than the design, it won't be an eyesore but I apologize to all my fans in advance.


tutorphil said...

Afternoon Tom, wonky copies of Maya aside, it's great to see you pushing this project along with such admirable gusto; particularly impressive is the way in which your own aesthetic preoccupations are driving your use of software - which, philosophically, is the only way to keep the balance right on a course such as this; if you can always be this focused, clear-eyed, and speculative - and productive - you are going to have a transformative arts degree experience; best of luck for tomorrow - I think you should try and enjoy it.