Monday, 11 May 2009

Virtual Anatomy: stuff

So as the deadline looms it's obvious to me that I'm not going to be able to fully realise my original vision of a full Maya CG animation due to various issues (time, technical skilles, bad home PC, rendering time etc). Originally I wanted to sacrifice some elements, but have since been persuaded not to and to keep pressing on in terms of the building of actual objects and physical bits and pieces. This doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to be made in full 3D instead it could be that I rely on 2D imagery with the 3D software to get me out of this jam.

An important thing that is going to change is how I represent my medical information. It could be that I rely more on sequences of still images. As it was discussed, the key point of the brief is that you show a biological process, so as long as the process is shown somehow then it doesn't really matter too much how that information is conveyed. As long as it fits within the context and style of the animation. I think a good example could be 'La Jetee'. It is of course just a glorified animatic with a smidgen of moving footage. It has a strong reliance on style and visual imagery to tell it's story.