Thursday, 14 May 2009

Virtual Anatomy: Stuff to do

Just for my own reference. Not much in terms of really difficult animation, quite a lot of camera animation, obviously I need to leave enough time to be able to render it all off. I might actually try and get the Bronchus scene out of the way today and leave it to render tonight, though I don't intend on relying on the network for the major stuff. The 2D sequences will probably take a whole day to do, editing it all together will take a day and I have the making of book to finish and print.

  • Opening Intro 2D
  • fly-through of opening environment
  • Animated lungs
  • Virus raining down.
  • Camera movement into cell
  • 2D Imagery for when the cell is attacked
  • fly-through of Bronchus
  • 2D imagery inside Lung
  • Second fly-through of Bronchus (With colour changed)
  • Animated Lungs with no cells. (With colour changed)
  • Zoom out sequence for the end (I can just reverse the intro)
That's a lot of stuff to do, I guess it's going to be tight, I've probably missed something as well...blah. Hopefully the majority of the Maya stuff will be done by the weekend ready for Monday.