Thursday, 14 May 2009

Virtual Anatomy: Small Dilemma

So I'm about to do the camera movement for the tunnel sequence. The first sequence is fine, it's just the bit when we reemerge from inside the Lung. The dilemma is that because the Lungs are going to be more static 2D imagery, and the overall colour scheme is going to change, would it confuse the viewer if the camera was to come out the way that it went in. Here's a hilariously bad rendition in Paint
I need to tell the viewer that this is same place where they were before they went inside the lung. So an obvious solution would be to just go backwards. Of course I don't want to keep reusing footage as that's pretty cheap. I'm just wondering which method would work better. Help?


tutorphil said...

Hi Tom - not sure I exactly understand your dilemma; if the camera needs to leave the way it arrived, then yes, you could recycle the footage, but in post-production, you could not only reverse, but also flip the image on the horizontal axis, so that what we first saw on the left of the screen is now on the right, which would be more credible; ideally, you'd produce a return journey that was noticeabley changed; i.e., modelled differently; more corroded textures, different lighting (as opposed to effects accomplished via post-production) - it feels as if your personally dissatisfied with the notion of recycling footage for the 'wrong' reasons; I guess, all I can encourage you to do is make the choice that will allow you to esteem your outcome (as opposed to disdain its compromises); in regard to rendering at Uni, it would appear that the system is stable, so I'd take the risk; if you fall foul of the uni's set-up, you are in a position to reclaim the lost time via mitigation.

My actual advice... get what you want from this project and don't cut corners you'll regret...