Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Virtual Anatomy: Revised Logo

The updated logo that i used for the presentation on Tuesday.

The presentation or 'Pitch' was quite an interesting experience. Overall, I think I averaged around Good for both Concept and Presentation with a couple of Very Goods here and there. Which is good! I was however somewhat bemused by whoever gave me a Poor for both my concept and presentation. Not that I that I have much case for an argument, still I would like to have seen the reasoning behind such a choice. Though I think it proves that my project is somewhat niche and divisive which I personally have no problem with, in fact I think it's a good thing. It was also good to show off work to people involved on the course such as Alan and MPW but haven't really had a chance to see the conceptual side of a project. Anyway now that I know the concept is pretty solid it's time to really crack on with the Maya stuff which has slowed down somewhat because I had to practice for my Theory test (which I passed).