Monday, 4 May 2009

Virtual Anatomy: Pre-Viz of Intro Scene

Ack, this will have to do for now, after all pre-viz doesn't need to be perfect and should be used as a way to see mistakes. Yeah my drawings kinda suck but they fit in with the surrealist nature of everything. When it comes to final thing I will probably use Illustrator to give it a graphical and cleaner look and obviously It will fade into a 3D scene rather than my concept art.

In case you can't see I have the error that I didn't want to get. It's where the camera resolution is slightly too big therefore the image doesn't fit within the area of the camera. The good thing is I know why this error occurs and why I didn't see it, it's one of those tricky things to things to see till you've actually done it. The reason it happens is because I did not compensate for area of the camera for literally FOUR FRAMES as it passes through the image plane, basically it means I have either make the image planes bigger or bring them forward a bit, either way it's no probs.

This is how I will introduce the animation but I'm also going to use this method to end the animation. The way I'm thinking it's going to end is that as the host begins to die everything starts losing it's colour till is practically black and white, rather than it fading out to a picture of person with their toungue sticking out and crosses for eyes or a big fat grin as the person takes one last puff from a opium pipe or someone who looks like Ricky Hatton ( :P ) It will instead zoom out through the body but at the end there is no person just some empty blackness. I feel that this is subtle and sombre ending to the preceding events and nothin' like a depressing ending to lighten the mood. Of course then the EPIC one man credits start to roll.