Saturday, 9 May 2009

Virtual Anatomy: Lung Texture

I started playing about with the texture for my lung and using a leather texture I got this... I think it should be pinker and less intense. I am also mildy worried about the state of my PC at this point in time, not sure how long the old girl is gonna hold out, been having a lot crashes recently and a completly random shut-down just a secong ago, and with some memory intensive rendering still to come...well...lets just pray. :(


tutorphil said...

One of our former-students - Simon Risbridger - got a 'video art' piece accepted by 'Clear Magazine' recently - 'Golden Ratio' - for which he also wrote the music; have a look, as it represents a different kind of approach to cg arts; Golden Ratio is a remake of a piece he first attempted in his second year of the course; as a student he was always interested in the relationship between the audio/visual; also, take a look at the other films showcased here; some wonderful stuff - and, in light of your leather texturing of the lungs, take a look at 'Tales of the Unexpected' by Carl Burgess; gruesome, yet mesmeric too; also, 'Advanced Beauty' by Mate Steinforth - I think it will appeal to your sense of the abstract; anyway, lots of inspirational non-narrative stuff here.

tutorphil said...

sorry - this is the Clear Mag link

Portugal said...

Great little reference book. I am a FNP, and this is exactly the lecture I had wished I had on chest x-rays boiled to one simple readable book. Good for anyone just learning about them, and enough info to make you competant. Anything past this, ask a radiologist.