Sunday, 17 May 2009

Virtual Anatomy: Another sequence

Quite like this one, the camera movement sets up the scene for the arrival of the virus quite nicely, enjoy!

I have a new conundrum/decision to make, I think for the scene where the virus attaches to a cell I am going to go with a fast first-person perspective movement. So far Ive managed to hide the slight shoddiness of the cells fairly well, however when the time comes I don't want the shoddiness to interfere. I think the solution to this problem could be that I take a very high-res single frame render of the cells from above, edit out the crapness in Photoshop, then put the render onto an image plane and have the camera zoom in on the image plane...


tutorphil said...

Hi Tom - really like the composition of this shot - you're creating a world that is entirely you're own here, and his shot has an epic, if rather menacing feel; nice bellows-effect too; hope you've got those final week jitters under supreme control and that you're not frittering any precious time playing wii games in which you have to chase high-camp body-builders through nonsensical environments... :-)