Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Antonio Sant'Elia

While researching Futurism for my Modernism Essay, i stumbled upon the little known architect Antonio Sant'Elia. Well I guess he was more of a thinker than an an actual architect considering that none of his drawings ever came to fruition in terms of an actual physical structure. Amazingly all these drawings were done in the early 1900's and he actually died in 1916. So all this was before stuff like Metropolis, you have to wonder how much Science Fiction owes to this man without really knowing it.

Anyway i'm trying to create my own little archive of his work, which is lot harder than you think because it's very hard to find decent images on the net and I noticed that the 'Complete Works' was going for more than £300 on Amazon. Ive noticed it's almost impossible to find reasonably priced books for niche artists, it was the same for Mario Sironi when I went looking for material on him.


tutorphil said...

I love these drawings - I've put a link to this post on 3rd year Simon Holland's blog as his cityscapes for his proposed adaptation of HG Wells When The Sleeper Awakes also operates within this retro-futurist aesthetic - check out his latest cg depiction of his city