Friday, 17 April 2009

Virtual Anatomy: Things

I'm beginning to really like the Fantastic Planet, candy land aesthetic that I have going right now. It's an odd turn of events, I never imagined that I would be going in this direction when I first got the brief that sunny Monday morning beneath the fluorescent lights of the Base Room. Right now I'm a little bit behind schedule mostly due to my terrible first week but things are really starting to go forward, I'm aiming to do some more of these pieces including some that will be much more representative of the final thing but I'm going to start storyboarding on Monday, this will also help me get the final concepts representative of the final thing. I feel I have a decent enough grasp of the aesthetic to be able to do some storyboarding.

As I begin to find the art-direction and stylize my 'universe' the more I feel as if I'm straying from the brief but then I feel like the entire notion of anatomical accuracy is a bit of a red herring or even in a sense MacGuffin of this project. When you think about it the greatest scientist in the world could accurately describe a process like Bird Flu right down to the tiniest detail but the greatest scientist would not be able visualize such a process as accurately as he could describe it.

Like the enormity of the universe it's at a level that is currently beyond human comprehension. You simply can't accurately visualize colour, scale, speed, movement at such a tiny microscopic level. It's why a film like Fantastic Voyage can still remain such an enjoyable visual experience, the factual accuracy is their (by the end of the film you know what blood cells and antibodies are etc) but it presents it in a way that gives the human body character and life. A scientist might scoff at the representations as fact but he/she/shemale could well find great pleasure in the way that it's visualized. And that's where I'm going, I want my film to be an enjoyable experience, one that can transcend audiences. It will explain the process but it will do so in an unexpected way.