Thursday, 9 April 2009

Virtual Anatomy: Speculative Concept Art

So ive started to try and find the 'look' that I want. In Photoshop I started playing around with brushes, lighting, levels, blur, colour etc while paying absolutely no attention to factual accuracy at all. It's a pretty weak attempt but I didnt want to spend hours on it, just wanted to get a rough overall feel for things, in fact it only took half an hour but has helped quite a lot.Just blocking out some shapes, getting an early idead as to perpective, composition etc. For this one Ive just gone with a straight-ahead kind of look, pretty simple but I have no intention of this being a final piece.

Brushing in some textures, with little consideration to what I'm doing, this is punk concept art. I picked the blue colour because it contrast nicely with the red.

Here Ive put in some cheap depth using a terrible looking mist also added more texture stuff and some simple lighting but it gives the image nice contrast.

It looks horrible close-up but it gives off some nice atmosphere from a distance, really I dont intend on putting this on a big screen so it doesn't matter that much. It's half-finished and quickly put together but the colours and texture are quite nice and organic so overall for me it's been quite a useful exercise, much better things to come though, I'd bet my Pokemon card collection on it... if I had a Pokemon card collection. Definely need zoom out when you look at it, otherwise it's fugly.

Now in green: