Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Virtual Anatomy: Solving a Problem

My challenge of finding films I initially wanted felt like a bit of a Wild Goose chase. It's best to think outside the box with this kind of thing so rather than pursue films that show exactly what I want (time moving quickly) Ive gone down another route. Ive looked at films where their are changes in the characters psyche and how that affects a film visually and in a narrative sense. I dabbled a little with this with Repulsion back in the day and I am sick of writing stuff so I hope the films Ive picked help show what i'm trying to say.


Ive written about this film before. The way her mind detoriates is visualized by brilliantly by Polanski.

Aguirre: The Wrath Of God

German director Werner Herzog's best known film, it's very odd. Apocalypse now took lot of the themes and idea's from this film. A bunch of medieval soldiers in search of El Dorado float down a jungle river and all get killed by the native tribes who you never actually see. This is the final scene so don't watch if you don't want to see the end but it's easily the strangest scene of the whole film.

Of course it does help that Aguirre is played by Klaus Kinski who happens to be a brilliant actor but a complete crazy man. Unrelated but there are so many myths and legends about Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski's relationship. My favourite myth abut this film is the one where apparently Herzog threatened to shoot Kinski with a gun and then shoot himself if he walked out of the film.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty

The last quarter of this game is truly bizarre, a perfect use of the medium and one that couldn't be done on any other. You Run around naked and the fourth-wall is broken what more do you need to know? The crazy messages Campbell starts sending you are the best parts of the whole sequence. Get past the first minute of this video, its get very...interesting...


Alfred Hitchcock's amazing psycho-thriller brilliance extraordinaire, gonna watch it again tonight.

Apocalypse Now

Visually it's an amazing film, especially the latter part of the film. Lighting, colours, atmosphere etc it's all incredible to look at. Forget the Redux version though it ruins the film. Apocalypse Now at Microscopic level (If that makes any sense to anyone other than me) could be amazingly cool if done right.