Monday, 20 April 2009

Virtual Anatomy: Planning the opening

Just a short post.

So I've started doing some thumbnail drawings for my storyboard. For the opening, despite it's abstractness I really want to emphasis the point that this is a living, fulling functioning world. At this point in the timeline nothing bad is happening things are functioning normally, so therefore the camera movement should be quite calm and allow the viewer to take in an understand this somewhat bizarre representation of something they may be familiar with. When they see the expanding and contracting lungs off in the distance they will hopefully realise what It is I am representing. The lungs which are pictured off in the distance will have great emphasis. I'm a doing a film about the respiratory system so in a sense the Lungs are the 'Heart' they are what keeps the respiratory system functioning and alive. Thinking about it now It would be interesting if the lungs were always in the shot but thinking of the logistics of that makes my head hurt but I'll see what I can do. I also what to try and convey the sense that when the Bird Flu first appears it some sort of alien life form (which it is) and that they could be a threatening presence.

Of course all this is could be changed but for now it feels right,