Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Virtual Anatomy: Planning the final look/concepts

So after the little concepts it's a bit pointless letting them sit there without analysing what works and what doesn't. In rather banal fashion here is what I think worked and what didn't.


  • Nice use of colour particularly on the more vibrant piece but overall the colour palette is good in place where it's supposed to be 'alive'.
  • Nice organic feel in some of the pieces. Feels quite alien/surreal.
  • Sketchy style gives it illustrative look.
  • There's probably some more but I'm better at finding the negatives in my work. haha
  • The muddy colours don't look good. I feel a the slightly stylized and simpler approach will work better when trying to convey the degeneration so to speak.
  • Lack of drama/not very dynamic.
  • Lack of perspective
  • Sketchy style gives it illustrative look.
  • A little bit limited, needs to be more panoramic.
  • The atmosphere in some of the pieces is a bit friendly.
The cons can be easily fixed with a little planning but overall a lot to think about when I'm ready to do the final thing. Having done some rough storyboards I also know what my concepts are going to portray.

  1. The 'world' before the virus arrives. Great emphasis on the Lungs off in the distance. No-degeneration
  2. The Immune trying to fight off the virus before it has reached the lungs. mid-degeneration
  3. Inside the Lungs after the virus has taken over. full-degeneration


tutorphil said...

Evening Tom - just thought I'd let you know that someone has been leaving comments on your blog posing as me - actually, it's the other Phil (Concept Art Phil), and I wanted him to take a look at your concept paintings; check out his comment if you haven't done already, as he's offered some advice and there's a link too... hope all is going well and your VDU sun tan is coming along nicely :-)