Monday, 13 April 2009

Virtual Anatomy: Perspective and Shot Design

So I just tried out some tests perspective tests using simple shapes and colours. Already however you can see how worlds could play out. I learned all this off the Gnomon Workshop Feng Zhu DVD which is great, he explains it pretty well but I think you really need a good understanding of perspective to get it perfect. These are pretty easy techniques, which in my opinion gives them quite a generic and standard look (coming from the guy who uses THE MOST generic viewpoint in his stuff... oh the irony ;) ) When you understand the concept, it's easy to spot these techniques in professional concept art.

A perspective with a single vanishing point. This type of perspective is ideal for things like long corridors or hallways, it's a tad bland but it gets the job done. The levels are well off and the perspective is a little warped but's its a decent enough example.

A perspective with two vanishing points. This type of view is quite panoramic, can cover a lot of area in a scene and is quite dynamic. Its a good view for streets and cities etc. Getting the perspective right is lot harder with this type (as you can see). If you want you can add another vanishing point waaay above and put the horizon line off the page to make it look like your looking up a tall building or something. You can also put the horizon line near the top which will give a birds-eye kind of viewpoint. I might do these two types later. Once again this example is not perfect, the light levels are wrong and the perspective is slightly off, especially where the blocks touch the ground.


tutorphil said...

Evening Tom,

Am loving the creative autonomy here, seeking out new techniques etc. Hope the 'conceptual constipation' has eased and you're seeing your project more clearly; loads of interesting posts. I look forward to reading more.