Friday, 17 April 2009

Virtual Anatomy: More Concept Art Teasing

I remember watching this program on BBC4 about a British man who wanted to find out what It meant to be a Samurai (It was called I, Samurai if you want to watch it, there was also Marcel Theroux's: In Search of Wabi Sabi). In this program he went a to a temple and there was this garden that had these remarkable lumps of stone dotted about, their meaning etc was not supposed to be fully explained in that classic spiritual sense. Cleverly the stones were put in places so that no matter what view you looked at this garden, you would never be able to see all the stones at once, one was always hidden. The questionwas asked what these stones are. Are they individual islands viewed from way above? Or perhaps most romatically they are the peaks of great mountains poking through the clouds.

This very very simple but in some ways quite effective little piece, is my homage to that garden. Ive gone with the less is more mantra.