Friday, 24 April 2009

Virtual Anatomy: Finished Concept. The Trachea.

Five hours in the making (haha) and this is as close to my original vision as I could get really. Obviously much more reliance on lighting and shadows than the other stuff. I quite like the lungs thinking about it, could be better though, as could the brushing. It's got quite a haunting atmosphere. I do think the original dynamism which I tried to achieve has been lost somewhat. Hopefully I can add a bit more for my next stuff. I could find a lot more to moan about as usual but I'd say quite a successful piece, there's just a nice subtleness about it. So yeah, back to the drawing board tomorrow for the bronchus (changed my mind about the big battle scene). Laters.


There's a stupid green line that shouldn't be there under the lungs. It just appears when I resize the image...