Thursday, 23 April 2009

Virtual Anatomy: Concept Art, from the beginning to end. Step 1

So because I'm such a cool guy. I'm going to post a stage by stage construction of a piece of concept art using techniques that I know. I'm no master artist but hopefully this can help some people out, plus it's pretty interesting and dumb to hide secrets. I tend to use some sneaky tricks to make it look better. When I show those you'll see how much a fake I am.

So I posted the sketch using a two-point perspective a fairly low hoirzon line.(If you want to know more about the general construction of a scene watch the Feng Zhu 'Fundamentals of Shot Design' Gnomon DVD, it's gives a ton of pointers on perspective, levels etc. Seriously,it's a must watch if you wan't to make interesting stuff.

First thing I usually do is just rough out the shapes (using solid gradients first!!!! Don't just paint willy-nilly without anything underneath or you'll have loads of transparent areas, which is bad), Ive also got some basic colour and levels down using the sketch I drew as a guide (reduce the opacity or change to a multiply layer.). However what I learnt from doing those concepts is that changing the sketch layer to 'colour burn' really gives it some extra contrast and is a little more indicative of the final thing.(Don't go crazy though, Name the layers as well!!!