Thursday, 16 April 2009

Virtual Anatomy: Back To The Future: The Ride!

This was the BTTF ride that used to be at Disney in Florida. I went on it once it was pretty cool. If were going to be doing a fly-through then this is a great example of one. plus it has Biff.

Disney Land is just a completely horrible/superficial place but The Earthquake ride was also kinda cool. Jaws was/is hilariously lame, King Kong was also rubbish, Twister had this plastic cow attached to a string and Honey, I shrunk the Kids was one of those 3D-glasses things. I'm too scared to go the big rides so I stuck to the ones that were least likely to kill me.


tutorphil said...

Afternoon Tom - you know, when I was small, I wrote to Jim'll Fix It (you maybe much too young to remember this show) asking if I could go on the Jaws ride at Universal... it didn't happen; I still want to go though... you are blogging prolifically and it's very exciting; loved the previous sketches; great qualities in terms of mark-making; it's a pleasure to see you grabbing this project by the throat - and with that customary dry sense of humour; really like the varied approaches you're taking to crack the best way to convey your medical info; hope it bears fruit. Looking forward too, to seeing some of your concept art; the stuff you're getting under your belt now can only improve your Maya aesthetic when the time comes; if you haven't already, check out third year, Simon Holland's major project blog - - as he is working Maya up from his own concept art; have a look at the film wherein he takes a vehicle design from wireframe through to initial render - it's short, but very sweet.

Tom Beg said...

Thanks for the link, Ive seen him drawing stuff down in the base room (I thinks it's him) and i've always wanted to see whats he's up to. I like the clean sci-fi aesthetic his stuff has

This video is especially interesting from a Concept Art into Maya point of view.