Saturday, 11 April 2009

King Kong vs Godzilla and Shonen Knife

I must say I am sad and disappointed that we didn't watch any of the Toho monster movies for the animation project. Terrible films though. GOJIRA!!!!

So now that I'm back home and connected to the internet I am finding it hard to get work done, instead I'm finding myself listening to Japanese girl-bands for some odd reason. Asian music is really terrible but the way they jump about and their broken english is all rather infectious however. Apparently Kurt Cobain liked this band and Kim Gordan played with them once, so they must have some street-cred, hard to see to be honest, especially with such profound and hard-hitting lyrics like 'Wash your socks and turn them inside out' speaks to a generation that does. Gonna watch Match of the Day now, after that I'm gonna find some more faux-punk Japanese music, will posts the finds later, definetly not going to do any work.


Nathan said...

Here's the punk section at HearJapan:

you might want to try some of the other genres and I'm sure you'll find something similar. I like this the best :)

Tom Beg said...

Buy Japanese music? That's a negatory good buddy. Well I did buy a Mad Capsule Markets album once but the Techno beats and rawk guitar made my ears implode, never again.

Nathan said...

Mad Capsule Markets Rule and should be supported. I own some albums myself. Sorry you didn't like them. Well you should buy stuff that you like to support the good stuff otherwise there will jonas brothers on ur ass.