Monday, 2 March 2009

Navigation Project: Three Act Story

Opening: Taxidermist sits in his chair, machines go crazy, and he ends up in ‘The Forest’, which is a hallway.

Middle: He activates a camera, a ghost of himself appears down the hallway. Camera reveals female dead body on the ground (A ghost of a female dead body that is!). Taxidermist ghost turns around and dead ghost body disappears. It now reappears in front of him as a mechanical-looking head attached to wires. Some mechanical hands and more wires appear and attempt to grab him, as the wires start to cover him, all the ghosts disappear. The real taxidermist has knocked the camera on the floor, and another ghost appears (this time of a mechanical looking female sitting in chair). The real Taxidermist is freaked out and legs it out the forest.

End: Taxidermist is now back to where he was a the beginning of the film. This time he opens his eyes and a dark ghostly spectre now lingers in front of him, the spectre is pointing a gun at the Taxidermist. Camera zooms out that he and the spectre are basically in nothing, just an empty white space.