Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Animation Project: More thoughts

So the idea of the blimp getting ready to fly acting like a dog getting ready for a walk seems like a solid one. I think there are still questions to be answered and problems to be solved before I can really dive straight in.

Firstly it's how many traits of a dog should the blimp take on? A blimp sort of looks like a fish to me and I don't want it to look like a fish. Things like a face and tail are key components that can really make a cartoon dog funny but if things like a big sloppy tongue were incorporated into my animation then perhaps a bit of that 'spirit' of just working from a randomly given object could be lost (Of course that didn't stop me on the last project but that was a different), striking the balance will be key, so I'm going to start some character sketches and exercises. I just want this animation to be about a blimp first and foremost and in truth I don't think it needs to be anything other than that.