Monday, 30 March 2009

Animation Project: It's Finished!

Well not quite, I still have to scan in the last set of drawings and edit them together in Premier and find some suitable free music but the rest is done. Ive been editing as I go so 90% is already finished which is good. I feel as though Ive neglected my blog these past two weeks but the culmination of two weeks solid drawing has paid off for me and it means that I have this last week to complete my essay on Vladislav Starevich as well as some other stuff that needs to be done. (Walk cycles and bouncing ball). I also want to get back into the groove of using a graphics tablet and photoshop in preparation for the next project which sounds like a monster (I'm looking foward to the super-secret meeting on May the 4th or 5th, which according to clues that I have been gathering is some sort cult sacrificial slaughtering of a goat in order to appease the college higher-ups who drunkingly feast on raw meat and animal blood). Also I will write a review of King Kong which we watched the other day.

I will save uploading the final animation till Fridays critique. I really should have uploaded my storyboards and character sketches which I showed at the interim crit so that will be done shortly but it could be too late :(


tutorphil said...

Congratulations on finishing the animation - a rite of passage traversed... oh, and you're wrong about the animal blood; it's the spinal fluid of unbaptised infants; it's definitely Tuesday, 5th May - Lecture theatre one; and yes, you'll need to get that graphics tablet firing on all cylinders; I'll explain all on Monday's sixth - and final! - project briefing... Best of luck for Friday.

tutorphil said...

Sorry - forgot to suggest you have a look at Garage Band on the white imac in the baseroom for your 'free music'; open a new project, then click on the icon that looks like an eye on the mini toolbar in the bottom left hand corner; this will reveal a drop down display of various loops and samples; click on the 'ensemble' tab, and have a listen to the various samples - some of them aren't too bad, and might suit your animation; if you find one that fits, drag it up into the timeline; you can then extend it by dragging the sample from its right edge - rolling it out like wallpaper; once you're happy with it, you can export it to itunes by going to 'share' and 'send song to itunes'; once you've done that, it will appear in itunes, but the file format will be .mp4, which is no good to you; you need to convert the .mp4 file into an .aiff; do to this in itunes, select the track you've just imported from garageband, go to 'advanced' then 'create aiff version' - and then drag this duplicate onto your flashdrive - it's royalty-free and it's not too crappy; there are also some comedy-style sfx in the sample lists; have a browse.

Tom Beg said...

I'm really terrible in GarageBand, I can't put samples together for the life of me and the longer pieces are just urrghh... Luckily I have found some royalty-free on the the internet that fits my 1920's theme quite nicely. Thanks for the advice anyway.