Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Animation Project: Fantasia

I really like Fantasia, in my opinion it's the only Disney film that can be considered 'art'. That's a pretty generic statement and I'm not sure The Louvre Museum would have it hanging on a plasma screen alongside the Mona Lisa though. There are definitely other animations out there with more artistic merit but they aren't as mainstream as Disney films so it's impressive that Disney would make something so daring. I suppose Fantasia is the least Disney film that Disney made. To be honest I'm not really into Disney and its various off-shoots that much so that probably explains why I appreciate it so much. In essence it's an animated Ballet it even has the Nutcracker as the music to one of the sequences as if to emphasise this point. The Rite of Spring was my favorite as a kid, who didn't like Dinosaurs when you were that age? Recently watching Night on Bald Mountain has given me a new appreciation for this segment. The colour palette is phenomenal and very varied especially the last sequence and the pilgrims(?) sequence as it changes from the dark blue of the night to the lighter colours of the morning. It's just very nice.

From what I saw of Fantasia 2000 it didn't look as good maybe because the animators knew what made Fantasia so good and attempted to match Fantasia but couldn't quite replicate it. It just felt kind of flat.