Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Animation Project: 2D Animation in games

Wario Land: Shake It

One of the best adverts ever

Interestingly the animation of the the sprites and cutscenes were done by Production I.G who are a real animation studio and are very well known and have worked on a lot of Japanese Animation, probably most well known for their work with Mamoru Oshii. The look and feel of the game is supposed to have an 80's cartoon vibe going for it. Very impressive for 2D of this caliber to even exist nowadays let alone with this quality.

Boy and His Blob

Another really nice looking game with hand-drawn 2D animation, hasn't been released yet but I am looking forward to it. Very nice and clean art-style (some parts remind in other trailers remind me of Fantastic Planet) Has very Saturday morning cartoon feel to it.

King of Fighters 12

All of the previous games I have shown have either been side-scrolling action/platformer and they have also been low-res for for Standard Definition (Vanillaware actually draw all their artwork in high-res though then they scale down). King Of Fighters 12 lure is that it's going to be in proper high-definition. When I say 'proper' it means that there are actually other games with High-Definition 2D visuals but they really on tricks such as subtly hiding the 2D with 3D or some games purposefully have low frames per second. This is a real labor of love (although that applies to any 2D animation) especially when you consider how many frames for each character that need to be drawn (including reactions to other characters). In fact it's quite sad considering how few people care about the King Of Fighters franchise and 2d in games in general, I care though :( Keep fighting the good fight SNK.


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