Monday, 9 February 2009

Navigation: The three key words

Taxidermist: Main Character, in this universe a Taxidermist is someone who implement cybernetics onto humans, however technology is primitive. The main character in this story is a Taxidermist, who has grafted these mechanics onto himself. He is now wheelchair bound, constantly hooked up to a machine, through this machine he can travel to ‘The Forest’…

The Forest:In fairy-tales a Forest is usually a dream-like place. ‘The Forest’ in this universe is the name of the sort of cyberspace of this universe. In the Forest the Taxidermist is who he was before he started his experiments on himself. The Forest manifests itself differently based on what's on the cameras…

The Camera:
Whenever the Taxidermists enter the Forest he finds these cameras. These cameras play out ghost-like flashbacks (similar to the kind on System Shock 2) they could well be the Taxidermists own memories, or they could be the memories or thoughts of someone else.