Monday, 9 February 2009

Navigation: Tetsuo: Iron Man and Repulsion

In terms of the style and aesthetic of the animation, I was initially looking a recreating how I understand a Philip K Dick or William Gibson would look like (similiar to the concept art by Feng Zhu that I posted earlier). As my story and characters have developed further I feel that this no longer applies itself as well as if I was doing something based off my earlier ideas. As my ideas have developed further I feel that the look and feel of the animation needs to develop as well, even though I was 'definitely' sure what I wanted earlier haha.

As I have developed my ideas further I can see loose similarities to other films, one film where the look and direction of my animation seems to be drawing some similarities from is Tetsuo: Iron Man directed Shinya Tsukomoto which is a surrealist, sci-fi, horror, Japanese underground, crazy something. The film is visually striking and the way the mechanical bits and bobs form together is definitely how I want my 'Forest' to look.

Recently I watched the film Repulsion directed by Roman Polanski and though I have mixed feelings as to the characters and story (more on that in another post perhaps) the actual way its is filmed and the way it looks is fantastic, it feels very voyeuristic and in your face at times as if you aren't looking through the lens of a camera rather the eyes of someone standing nearby. Also recommended to me was another film 'The Tenant' also directed by Polanski, though I have yet to watch it.