Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Navigation Project: story stuff

despite all the spare time, I still can't quite think of a story I want to use. While the obvious thing to do would be piece it together logically, I don't think doing this would sustain my interest in the project.

I feel the need to think outside the box is necessary here. One idea is to move the time period about, setting something in the future or in 1950's New York for example can throw up some interesting possibilities and conundrums.

One idea that popped into my head was if the setting was further in the future (not necessarily Star Trek but more Neuromancer or Deus Ex kind of future.) I like the idea of a Taxidermist being the name of someone or something (Like the Junkers from Snatcher)He could be someone who keeps people alive somehow (through cybernetics or something similar) and the idea of the Forest perhaps being something like the 'Zone' from Stalker or maybe like the cyberspace of Neuromancer. A kind of lawless place. For some reason i'm drawn to the story of the Running Man.

Personally I think that this could lead to some pretty interesting results, although obviously more thought is needed.

also Walter Potter some amusing bits and pieces in here...