Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Navigation Project: Maya Stuff

Started doing some very simple modeling of the bits and pieces for the pre-viz of my story, full story is to be posted soon (I left the Word file at home):

Pre-Viz Man: A very simple but useful rig for doing pre-viz work, he's only joints at the moment, geometry to be added very shortly. For the ghosts I'm going to give him a semi transparent texture.

Hallway: The hallway in the Forest. I probably won't do much texture stuff mostly because my concept art shows what I want the final thing to look like. (how useful!)

Camera: Looks pretty stupid but it's only supposed to be a very basic looking camera.

Camera Rig: This fairly basic camera rig, gives me options that you can't really get properly on just a regular camera (such as roll, pitch and pan) useful for other pre-viz as like the man it can be imported into any scene.

nothing crazy buts its only pre-viz afterall!